How to Choose a Good Laptop

What differentiates a laptop that I like from a good laptop?

To start, it’s far simpler to consider what makes a laptop bad. The battery lasts for one hour? Very bad. Only one USB-C port, then? Very bad. 12 minutes to start up? Very bad. Costs $9,000? Unless it comes with a free boat, it’s probably not a smart idea.

However, since there are so many devices available, the question of what is good is much more difficult. For a great ultraportable, a seven-hour battery life may be necessary, but not for a competent gaming setup. For a good gaming laptop, a discrete GPU is probably necessary, but not for a convertible laptop designed for work.

People will properly argue on the usefulness of numerous things, including certain ports, screen resolutions and refresh rates, the feel of the keyboard, and bezel size. I would be reluctant to recommend an ultrabook that doesn’t match these characteristics, and other reviewers should be, too. However, there is a set of features that a general-purpose laptop should have in order to be “good.” Regardless of any other preferences you may have, you should make sure the general-purpose laptop you choose fits these requirements, according to The Verge.

• A screen with a minimum resolution of 1920 by 1080. In the current market, high-profile devices with lower resolutions than this are still marketed, and those models are not good. 

• Two or more ports as well as a headphone jack. Although many of the top laptops now available are equipped with exactly two USB-C ports and a headphone jack, I wish I could put a far higher figure here. This has already gone too far. No matter how much you enjoy your Thunderbolt dock, I’m going to say it right now: a laptop with less than two ports is not optimal.

• Effective fans that are not overly loud. People, the year is 2022. Your laptop is bad if my five Chrome tabs are transforming your chassis into a toaster and your fans into a symphony band. I believe a device that you can hear all over the office while it’s not doing anything hard is an absolute thumbs-down. 

• Backlighting for keyboards. This is important for working late at night and is especially useful for people who are blind. The best computers require it.

• Keys that travel at least 1mm. I’m aware that there is a subset of people who (inexplicably, to be clear) adore flatter keyboards. But even if you consider yourself a fan of flat keyboards, I can assure you that you do not need keys with a travel distance of less than 1mm. Nobody wants to be in Butterfly Keyboard territory.

• A minimum seven-hour battery life for general use. Even at modest prices, five-hour battery lifespans in this category are just no longer acceptable. Tell them they are mistaken and forward them this post if someone tries to recommend a laptop to you that reviewers have only gotten less than seven, or possibly six and a half hours on.

• An operational processor.  It’s time to cease using Celeron in laptops. Even for people with fairly light workloads, they are too slow; even if you have a tight budget, I promise you will save cash in the long run by purchasing a chip that will last longer. The best processor for you will depend on your workload. Celeron, I’m sorry. You performed admirably.

• RAM and storage. Storage and RAM. The bare minimum a good laptop should have for Windows is 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage. I wouldn’t recommend notebooks with 128GB of storage because Windows alone will eat up a lot of it, leaving you with very little memory.

Now, not every one of these criteria will apply if you’re shopping for a certain purpose, and there might be other factors to consider. Here are a few additional use examples.

What features should a laptop have for college and school? Portability. Give or take a pound, a good laptop designed for students should weigh under three and a half pounds.

What attributes do a decent laptop for business have? Good quality. Budget-conscious people can make a compromise here for cheaper price ranges in the general-use market, but business laptops are a costly category and must hold up over time to be worth their cost. When you twist the screen or press down on the keyboard deck, a good business laptop shouldn’t flex all over the place. It should be composed of aluminium, carbon fibre, or some other non-plastic material. A smart business laptop also has plenty of storage and solid security measures.

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