How to Download Vimeo Videos in a Few Easy Ways [2024 Guide]

Looking for a quick and easy way to download Vimeo videos? You’re in the right place. Although not quite as popular as its peers, Vimeo is becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to the dominant YouTube. And with the platform’s increasing popularity, more and more people are looking for ways to download videos off it. In this article, we will show you a few popular (and easy) ways to download Vimeo videos so you don’t miss out on your favorite content. 

Is It Legal to download Vimeo Videos?

As with all platforms, the legality of downloading Vimeo videos comes down to what the downloader does with the content after saving it. If the videos you download are for personal and not commercial use, you should be safe. When in doubt, you can always ask the original uploader for permission to download the video. 

How to Download Vimeo Videos Straight From the Source

Unlike Facebook and Instagram, Vimeo stands out in the sea of video sharing platforms for allowing users to download videos straight from the source. 

How to Download Vimeo Videos on PC

Follow these steps to download Vimeo videos directly from the platform:

  1. Go to Vimeo.
  2. Look for the video you want to download.
  3. Click on the Download button below the video player. 
  4. Choose the version of the video you want to download. You can choose anything from 240p and 1080p, or the video’s original resolution.
  5. Download the video.

If you don’t see the Download button, make sure you’re watching from the video’s page on the official website. Embedded Vimeo videos also don’t display the Download button. 

If you don’t see the Download button, make sure you’re watching from the video’s page on the official website. Embedded Vimeo videos also don’t display the Download button. 

How to Download Vimeo Videos On Mobile Devices

What if you want to enjoy your favorite Vimeo videos on your phone? There are a few options for mobile users, too. 

The first option is to create offline lists. If you have the official app on your smartphone, you can basically set up offline lists to watch any video offline. It’s not exactly the same as downloading, but it works if you’re out of options. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Go to Vimeo.
  2. Look for the video you want to download.
  3. Look for the three vertical dots near the video.
  4. Click on Add to offline playlist and wait for the file to finish downloading. 

You can then find your video in the Offline section of your app.

While the video will be saved to your device and take up precious space, the video isn’t exactly yours to keep, so this method is more of a compromise than anything else. 

But here’s the kicker: the video’s ability to be downloaded depends both on the creator’s subscription tier as well as the downloader’s. For example, basic and free members cannot choose whether their video can or can’t be downloaded. Paid subscribers have the option to toggle on the download option or to disable downloads. Additionally, Basic and Free members can’t download Vimeo videos regardless of whether the original creator has enabled or disabled downloads. 

If that sounds a bit convoluted, that’s because it actually is. Even with the platform providing this feature natively, downloading Vimeo videos requires users to jump through a lot of hoops (not to mention whipping out their credit cards).

Download Vimeo Videos Using Browser Extensions

If you want to streamline the process a bit, there are browser extensions for Google Chrome that allows you to download videos directly from the browser. 

For avid Chrome users, there is an official extension made specifically for this browser that will download videos directly from the website with no extra steps. 

  1. Google “Vimeo video downloader” and install the website.
  2. Go to Vimeo and click on the button. That’s it.

Unfortunately for Firefox users, the extension doesn’t seem to work so we recommend not using it. 

So, to recap: you can download Vimeo videos directly from the source, but it’s not free and requires extensive hoop jumping. You can use a browser extension but that, too, is prone to the same limitations.

Thankfully, there is another (better!) way to download your Vimeo videos – and that is YTD Downloader. 

Download Vimeo Videos using YTD Downloader (The Best Way)

how to download vimeo videos

YTD downloader is an easy to use third-party app that allows users to download videos from over 50 known sources and platforms across the internet. YTD isn’t just about downloading videos, though, as it provides numerous auxiliary features that make the downloading and archiving process smoother and pain-free. 

Here’s a rundown of YTD’s features:

  • Offers all popular conversion formats: MP4, AVI, MKV, MP3, MOV, WMV, 3GP, FLV, etc.
  • Convert your files in-app (Premium Feature)
  • Works on over 50 download source sites, including YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion, and Vimeo – a complete list is available on our website.
  • Batch downloading – save entire playlists of videos with a few clicks
  • HD quality in Free & up to 8K in Premium
  • Unlimited video downloads (Premium feature)
  • Advanced video management panel to keep track of and sort downloaded videos
  • Watch videos offline in-app
  • Trim the beginning and end of videos
  • Ad-free both in Free and Premium
  • Works on all devices: Windows, Mac, and is very light on resources.
  • No watermarks and useless bloatware

In this article, we will focus on downloading Vimeo videos. Here’s what you have to do:

  1. Go to YTD Downloader’s homepage.
  2. Click on the  “Free Download” buttton
  3. Double click on the installer and follow the steps listed in the installer to get the app up and running.
  4.  Open YTD Downloader and paste the URL of the Twitter video you want to save.
  5. You can perform several actions here: convert the video in any format (mp4, .mov, .wmv, .avi, .mp3, .3pg). You can trim the beginning and end of the video. You can configure the quality and size of the video file. Play around with the settings and see where you’re at.
  6. Click “Download”
  7. Enjoy your Vimeo video. 

YTD is entirely free, easy to install, and doesn’t require additional software or bots to work. Sign up to YTD today to download as many videos as you want!

How to Download Vimeo Videos Wrapped Up

Thankfully, when it comes to downloading Vimeo videos, users are spoiled for choice. Users can download their favorite videos directly from the source (if they pay) or use browser extensions. However, these two methods are not ideal because they’re not as straightforward as they look and lack many quality of life features that are pre baked into third party tools such as YTD Downloader. So, if you’re looking for the safest and easiest way to save your Vimeo videos, YTD is the way to go. Happy downloading!