Download Tumblr Videos in 2024 – A few Easy Tricks [Guide]

With the recent developments in the social media landscape, Tumblr has experienced something of a renaissance in the last few years. It’s still a great source of excellent content ranging from memes, GIFs to real life stories and insightful media analysis – books, movies, TV shows, what have you. And, as it so happens, even videos.

Unfortunately, there is no way to download videos directly off of Tumblr. However, there are a few totally legit workarounds you can use right now to save your favorite Tumblr content. So, without further ado, here’s a full guide on how to download Tumblr videos. 

Is It Legal to Download Tumblr Videos?

First, some house cleaning. Downloading videos from social media platforms in general is a gray area. Therefore, if you do decide to go forward with this, make sure to not monetize the content you download. In other words, if it’s strictly for personal use, you should be fine. When in doubt, always ask the creator for permission to download and store their content. 

With that out of the way, let’s delve into a few ways to download Tumblr videos.

Method 1: Download Tumblr Video Manually 

While Tumblr doesn’t provide an official way to download videos, there is a (slightly) convoluted way to circumvent this restriction. All it requires is a browser and a bit of code digging. 

So, here’s what you need to do: 

  1. Go to Tumblr.
  2. Look for the video you want to download on your browser and open it.
  3. Right click anywhere on the page.
  4. Select “View Page Source”.
  5. Search for “og:video:url”.
  6. The link of the video should be right next to it after “content=”
  7. Copy and paste the newly acquired link in a new tab.
  8. Right click on the video.
  9. Select “Save video as”.
  10. Save the video to your preferred location.

That’s it. It’s a bit off the beaten track, but if you don’t mind digging through code and only want a very specific video, this method should do the trick. 

However, if you intend to download multiple videos, well, this method can turn pretty tedious, pretty fast. 

If you want to streamline your video downloading process, we have just the tool for you. It’s called YTD Downloader. 

Method 2: Download Tumblr Video on PC, Mac & Any Device  With YTD Downloader (Recommended)

download tumblr video ytd downloader interface

YTD Downloader is a third-party downloader tool that allows users to download their favorite videos off the Internet. Founded in 2007, over 10 million users all over the world have chosen YTD as their number one video downloading solution. 

It’s worth stressing that YTD downloader goes beyond just being a simple video downloader. Users can access a plethora of quality of life features that makes the overall process more pleasant and, dare we say, efficient. 

Here’s a brief list of YTD’s features to get you started:

  • All formats supported: MP4, AVI, MKV, MP3, MOV, WMV, 3GP, FLV, etc.
  • In-app video conversion (Premium feature)
  • Over 50 sources sites supported: YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, LinkedIn, and yes, Tumblr.
  • Download entire playlists in one go with YTD.
  • HD quality (Free version) and up to 8K (Premium version) supported. 
  • Fast batch downloading with YTD Downloader’s panel. 
  • Download videos on any device, directly from YTD. We don’t lock your downloaded videos in our ecosystem. The videos are yours to keep forever. 
  • Watch videos offline any time, anywhere. 
  • Trim the beginning and end of your videos.
  • No ads.
  • All devices supported – no need to pick and choose.
  • Very light on resources. 
  • No watermarks on videos – including on TikTok content. 
  • No bloatware and other useless auxiliary software. 

YTD is designed to offer everything an avid user would want in one single package.

With the features out of the way, let’s take a look at how you can download Tumblr videos with YTD downloader:

  1. Install and boot up YTD.
  2. Go to Tumblr.
  3. Grab the video link.
  4. Paste the URL in YTD’s input field.
  5. Choose the video quality (kind reminder that you get 8K by upgrading to one of our premium packages).
  6. Click Download and wait for YTD to finish downloading your Tumblr video.
  7. Your Tumblr video should be stored in the Downloads folder on your device.
  8. Enjoy your video!

That’s it. No needless hoop jumping and additional steps. YTD is intuitive, easy to use and nonsense-free. 

Before you go, allow us to make a proposition.

If you’re planning to do more than downloading just that one Tumblr video, you might want to consider upgrading to one of our paid plans. You will find a lot of value in YTD’s paid version. For example, Pro and Ultimate users get double (and beyond) the downloading speed, can download an unlimited number of videos, and gain access to a lot of file conversion formats. 

Here’s a brief summary of what you get by upgrading to one of our paid plans:


  • 1x download speed
  • 3 downloads/day


  • Double the download speed
  • Download as many videos as you want
  • Unlimited file conversion


  • All YTD Pro features
  • Download videos in 8K
  • Download multiple videos at once

+ Plus many other features. Sign up to one of our paid plans and enhance your downloading experience!

How do I download MP3 from Tumblr?

Sometimes, you might find yourself in a situation where you don’t need the entire Tumblr video – rather, just the audio. While Tumblr doesn’t provide a way to download or convert videos to MP3 at the moment, YTD has this functionality baked in.

Here’s what you need to do to convert your Tumblr videos to MP3:

  1. Install & open YTD on your device.
  2. Copy the link of the Tumblr video you want to convert.
  3. Paste the Tumblr URL in the input field.
  4. Select “automatically convert to” and choose the format (MP3, MP4, whatever you want).
  5. (Optional) Select “Delete original file after conversion” (assuming you don’t want to keep the source file).
  6. Click Download.
  7. Your converted Tumblr video should be stored in the Downloads folder on your device.

Download Tumblr Videos FAQ

Can I download a video from Tumblr?

Currently, there is no official way to download Tumblr videos without using a third-party app such as YTD Downloader.

What is the best video downloader for Tumblr?

The best video downloader for Tumblr is YTD Downloader. YTD allows users to download Tumblr videos, as well as convert videos to all known formats. 

How to download Tumblr Videos Wrapped Up

That’s it, you’re good to go! While there are a few off the beaten path ways to download Tumblr videos, digging through code can become tedious after the first few downloads. YTD Downloader helps users streamline the downloading process by providing a simple and intuitive solution for saving Internet content. Sign up to YTD and choose one of our paid plans – you won’t regret it.