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A Fast & Safe Way to Convert Videos

Looking for a straightforward, no-nonsense tool to download YouTube content in the best possible format? Want high-quality YouTube videos for editing and sharing with your friends and peers? Your search stops here. Use YTD to convert YouTube videos directly to mp4, on any device, without compatibility issues.

Why YTD Works Better Than Other Converters

Zero quality loss

YTD keeps the original video’s resolution and quality settings, whether it's an ancient 240p clip or an overproduced 8K video.

No Codec Errors

Need to grab a clip off of YouTube for your own editing project without worrying about conflicts and erros? YTD converts YouTube videos to standard mp4.

No Size and Length Restrictions

Modern YouTube is a far cry from its 5-minute-max length era. YouTube videos have gotten big. YTD doesn’t place any length or size restrictions - download that 5-hour YouTube video essay and convert it to mp4 with the same ease as a 3-minute music video.

Convert Entire YouTube Playlists in One Go

Configure YTD to convert whole playlists to MP4 - tick a box and let the tool do its magic.

Works on Any Device (PC, Android, iOS, macOS)

Convert your favorite YouTube content to mp4, regardless of device.

Ad-free, Unlimited Conversions with YTD Premium

Avoid ads and convert as many videos as you want by signing up to YTD Premium.

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How to convert YouTube Videos to MP4 With YTD

Tired of tools that claim they’re easy to use, but there’s always a caveat? With YTD, it really is that simple. Here’s what you need to do:

Step 1. Install & open YTD on any of your devices (PC or mobile).

Step 2. Copy the video’s URL and paste into YTD.

Step 3. Hover over the “Convert to” section and choose mp4.

Step 4. Click "Download".

Step 5. Enjoy your freshly-converted content.

Want More Than Just A Simple Converter?

Over 50 Content-Rich Websites At Your Fingertips

Convert a YouTube music video one second, download a video off TikTok in the other. Grab an Instagram Reel and store it right next to your “best Twitter videos 2022” folder. YTD supports a wide variety of websites, both known and lesser-known.

Pop-Up Ads =/= YTD

Download content free from distractions and full screen ads.

Automatic Resume & Retry Interrupted Downloads

Throw some videos in the queue and enjoy your day. YTD automatically resumes downloads in case of Internet outages.

Download Content Safely & Anonymously

We don't store, track or share data with third-parties. Download and enjoy your content anonymously, free of viruses and malware.

Fast Downloads & Conversions

YTD doesn't slow download speeds to a crawl for no reason. Copy, paste, download in a few seconds. That's all there is to it.

Advanced Panel to Keep Track of Downloads & Conversions

Never get lost in your collection or download the same video 5 times. YTD's Advanced Panel keeps your library tidy.

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YTD downloader allows for fast and simple downloads and conversions with no ads.

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Maurice Pereira

We can watch TV like we never have before. We can enjoy our favorite shows and totally new videos at any time and at any place.

Danny Corbet

It's hard to find reliable software these days. YTD simply delivers!

Ian Smith

You know it's good when no matter the time this software helps you download any video you wish at any moment.

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YTD is the old guard in this area.

YTD offers all the features one would expect for downloading streaming videos, and some additional ones for conversion. There are some extras that make this tool even handier.

Definitely more convenient than web-based YouTube downloaders.