Best Free Movie Websites in 2022

If you love watching movies from the comfort of your own home, and you want to access free films, this post will help you discover some of the best websites for free movies. There are tons of websites that provide free movies; nevertheless, we have listed only nine of them here. They’re all free of viruses and lawful to use.

You can watch whatever type of film you want on these sites, from comedies and dramas to horror and thrillers. You may get films from well-known studios as well as older and classic films that you will enjoy to watch over and over again.

We’d like to point out that most of these sites include a mobile app that lets you enjoy your favourite content on the go.


You may watch the latest movies and TV shows, including those that are now in theatres, on MoviesJoy. The site includes a simple and easy-to-use user interface. You can look for a film of your choice by genre or country. You can search for movies based on their IMDB ratings if you like to watch movies based on their ratings. There is no need to download the movies, and there is no need to register. Simply put, you can watch free movies online at any time and from any location.


Popcornflix is another well-known name in the world of online movie streaming. Popcornflix features a large selection of movies to help you relax and unwind. Here you will find both classic and new high-quality titles. Popcornflix also provides enough information to let you decide whether a film is worth your time.The website itself is simple to use. You must disable your ad blocker in order to download or watch movies. This website’s content is likewise limited, so if you reside in an area where it’s unavailable, you’ll need a VPN to access it.


There’s almost no movie that you won’t find on this site, from the most recent releases to captivating old classics and more.This website will spoil you with TV series if you’re looking for them. Look Movie isn’t just a place to see the latest movies; it’s also one of the greatest places to watch them for free online.

The search criteria and user-friendly layout make it easy to find almost anything you’re looking for. Tags are also available on the site to help you find movies quickly. You can also sort films by their IMDb ratings and video quality. The website has a large collection of high-quality HD videos for you to watch.


YouTube needs no introduction. Isn’t just the most popular site to watch videos, but it is also an amazing platform if you want to watch movies on the spot. Apart from the free movies available, you can also rent films that have been recently released.Whether you use a web browser or an app to access YouTube, you can expect an immersive experience and a plethora of entertaining recommendations based on the content you watch.

Another advantage of watching movies on YouTube is that commercials can be skipped or completely avoided by installing a VPN with an ad blocker. The main difference is that, unlike the most of the websites on this list, YouTube isn’t solely dedicated to hosting movies. Funny films, skits, motivational content, self-help, and a variety of other forms of video content can be found here.


On Tubi you can find numerous of free movies and TV shows that you can stream at any time. Apart from the movies that you can watch for free, you can also rent some other movies at a small fee.

You can pick the movie you want, out of a large variety of film genres that include (but are not limited to) comedy, romance, drama and horror films.

Tubi also has a special section for kids, that you can find it at the top of the page. Under Tubi Kids you can find kids-friendly movies, ideal for child-friendly streaming.


On Vudu you will find thousands of movies that are available for you to watch at no cost.  All you have to do is register, and you are good to go. Many movies on Vudu are in 1080p, which makes the watching experience much more enjoyable.

Once you decide on which movie to watch, you might be given the option to buy it, rent it or watch the movie for free. The only drawback to use Vudu are the commercials.


IMDb is popular for its wide range of film information and trailers, but what many people don’t know is that IMDb also has a variety of films and shows you can watch for free. Video player not only allows you to turn subtitles on and adjust them, but it also lets you change the video quality and even turn the display mode to full screen.

Pluto TV

Another popular website for free movies is Pluto. It is slightly different to most on-demand movie streaming websites because it also functions as a live TV. That means that apart from browsing the free movies list and choosing the one you want to watch at a certain time, you can also watch movies and TV shows live. This can be done either from your web browser or through the Pluto app, provided that you have it installed on your devices. Most movie genres can be found on Pluto, both on demand and live.


SolarMovie was featured in this list of greatest free moving streaming sites since it has less commercials. While most websites have a slew of popups, this one will only have one or two.

SolarMovies also has a large selection of full HD videos. Films can be found using the search criteria based on their categories and countries. The website provides a wealth of information on the films it hosts.

If a video you want isn’t available on this site, you can easily request it.

Other Ways to Get Free Movies

The 9 pages that we have mentioned above are only a small sample of the large number of websites out there that offer free movies online. Streaming movies from the above pages is just a way of watching films for free. But you can also download videos and movies if you want to, so you can enjoy your favourite content whenever you want without having to worry about a potentially weak internet connection. You can download movies and watch them later, even without being connected to the internet at all.

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