10 free movie download sites that you need to try in 2023 – all legally and safely!

There is no doubt you will eventually find yourself looking for some movies to have on the go – whether to watch during that long airplane trip you have coming up, or to make your daily commute more entertaining, it’s just more convenient to have your favorite content with you. So, naturally, you will want to find free movie download sites.

If you want to forget about worrying that your internet won’t work or that you’ll experience buffering and costs, it’s time you start to seriously consider downloading movies on your own devices. 

The problem is, if you want to download free movies, most of what you will find will be illegal, and even worse, malicious content waiting to happen. There are huge lists with websites that promise to have free movies that are just a click away to infect your device with the worst fishing and privacy issues. If you want to stay on the legal and (even better!) safe side, which we recommend, you will need to dig through a lot of questionable sources to find some good website sources that offer free movies – you’re in luck because we at YTD Downloader did all the hard work for you, and we are frequently updating this list!

We tested the best legal websites to download movies from, to make sure they work perfectly fine for you – what you will find in this list are not just recommendations to download movies from paid streaming services (although that is also a great option, with some disadvantages), but actual free movie download websites where you can use a free video downloader like our own YTD Downloader to get the films and shows to your own devices to watch whenever and wherever you want at the best quality, and without Wi-Fi. *Chef’s kiss*

10 best free movie download sites that you should use


free movie download sites

If you’re looking for the best ways to download movies, you really can’t go wrong with public domain websites. Just to be clear, if a movie is public domain, it means that there is no copyright held over it, it’s just a movie that belongs to the people, and it can be watched and downloaded for free and legally. 

PublicDomainMovies.net’s library is available worldwide, but you should not expect great visual quality bearing in mind that it only has old movies (we’re talking 1920s, 1930s and so on). If you aren’t that friendly with black-and-white movies, maybe you should skip this one. That’s not to say that you won’t find some quality stuff, but this is for the real movie nerds out there. 

The site is useful because you can easily download movies and you can also stream them. The experience is good, you won’t notice any interruptions and there are some different genres you can choose from comedy, horror or thriller. Big bonus if you’re a fan of the legend John Wayne, you will find his movies here!


free movie download sites

Perhaps you didn’t expect this and few people know it, but you can find some pretty impressive hidden gems on YouTube – it’s not just for trailers! There are some channels that offer free movies which you can download using a video downloader such as YTD Downloader

For example, if you are looking for a website with free movies, one great option is the YouTube channel called MYT Movies which offers a great variety of movies from Hollywood blockbusters to indie art house films. The movies are completely free to watch and, obviously, they are available worldwide. A great thing is that you’ll find movies in different languages, so there’s something for everyone.

The catalog is really impressive, they post a new movie almost every single day, and you can watch them in FULL HD. 

Another great option is to go to the official Movies & Shows YouTube page and browse movies that are free to watch by watching ads. Some highly rated movies you’ll find there are The Help or The Great Gatsby. Must-watches!

You can also try the FREE MOVIES channel, where you will find, alongside movies, some great documentaries including ones about Michael Jackson or Eminem. 

Bonus: Stay tuned, because our team at YTD Downloader is soon going to publish a huge list of movies you can find on YouTube! 

The Public Domain Review

free movie download sites

This one is pretty much similar to PublicDomainMovies.net, but you can try it out if you don’t find what you want over there.  

You will find older movies (the 1920s, 30s, 40s). If you like that kind of stuff, that’s great, but otherwise, it may not be your cup of tea. Free movie download websites like these are great tools for those of you who are passionate about film or are even at film school.

The pros: it is available worldwide, you can easily download free movies, a pretty easy-to-use search bar. On the downside, it has roughly 200 movies, so not that big of a catalog to start with. 


free movie download sites

SonyCrackle is one of the best free movie download websites you can find out there. It obviously has a great catalog since it has the Sony name behind it. You will find here some very interesting movies from huge names such as Fox Digital, Universal Studios or Warren Bros. 

The quality of viewing is top-notch and it is a really easy-to-use website. As with some other websites with free movies, the catch here is that it is mainly available in North and South America, so you should check the availability in your region – or use a VPN.


free movie download sites

If you are passionate about Bollywood and Hindi movies in general, then Hotstar is the place for you. You can download free movies from here, and you will find some massive names such as Raid or Bodyguard which should not be ignored. The catch is that not all content is free here, as only some movies will be available for free, so you will have limited options.

You can count on really high quality for a website with free movies (most are in HD or FULL HD). It is, without a doubt, one of the best ways to download movies and the search bar will make your life a lot easier. 

The Internet Archive

free movie download sites

This is where you come if you are looking for older movies. But the big pro for The Internet Archive is that it comes a little closer to the present with some films from the 60s and even 70s. 

Get ready for some mainly black-and-white action, but the quality is remarkable for some movies that are pretty old. The catalog is impressive, though, with over 10,000 movies. 


free movie download sites

Popcornflix is a free streaming service that offers movies and TV shows for free in exchange for the hassle of some ads inserted into your viewing experience. It’s a subsidiary of Screen Media Ventures, which calls itself one of the “largest independent distributors of motion pictures to the worldwide television market.”

You will find some household names out there like Martin Scorsese, Stephen King or big actors such as Leonardo DiCaprio or Matt Damon. That doesn’t mean that you will see their biggest movies, but if you’re interested in the ones off the radar, this is the place. The quality is impressive and for a website with free movies, it is all very user-friendly.

It’s only available in the USA and Canada.

Open Culture

free movie download sites

When it comes to free movie download sites, Open Culture is one of the best resources out there. Here you will find online courses, textbooks, language lessons, and books, but most important of all: movies! A lot of them. We’re talking over 4,000 movies. From all over the world. Over 100 Korean films, 3000+ from Canada, over 70 from Russia and so on. Open Culture has made a giant list where you will find anything you need with the right links in place.


free movie download sites

Kanopy is one of the best options if you have a library card or if you are a student at a university. Simply log in using your credentials, and you can have access to one of the best free movie download websites out there.

You won’t find any commercials because everything is done in partnership with the university and libraries. But what you will find is a diverse catalog that is constantly updated.

Over 400 universities and libraries around the world are partners of Kanopy so if you are lucky and are a member of one of them, you should definitely sign up. You will find high-quality gems like Oscar-winning Moonlight, Captain Fantastic or critic darling The Florida Project.

In terms of catalog, few other websites with free movies are at this level. This is really top-notch stuff!


free movie download sites

Tubi is the largest free movie download and streaming service in the US. The downside here is that it is not available worldwide, but only in the US, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand and Latin America. Now that’s a big chunk of the world to be fair and if you live there, you should try it out.

Tubi is owned by Fox, so it naturally has some big movies like Birdman, Final Destination, Fight Club or Her. Also, the quality is unmatched. You won’t experience any buffering while streaming, but you will notice the odd ad here and there. Otherwise, it is a flawless experience.

Bonus: Download from a streaming service you’re already subscribed to

free movie download sites

If you want an extra option, you can always use the paid streaming services that you are already subscribed to for downloading movies. You will find new movies, but also a great catalog in most cases. The quality of the movies will be great. 

The downside is you can only download the movies in the app, so you have to access it to watch them. Perhaps it is not one of the best ways to download movies, but it can come in handy in certain situations. 

Get a video downloader and start downloading your own movies for free, legally

Watching a movie offline is very handy not just when you’re traveling but whenever you will find yourself in situations where the signal won’t be that great, and you can experience interruptions. You will get a high-quality experience because you will be able to watch the movie without any need for an internet connection (sometimes when the connection is weak, it will automatically revert to a lower-quality resolution). 

If you’re used to download movies on streaming services, keep in mind that they get removed all the time – the big players always shuffle their libraries based on consumer preference. Having your movies on your own devices instead of in the app means you won’t have to worry about that, the movie is yours!

So there you have it. If you are looking for free movie download websites, the list above should have you covered for the year! 

Whenever you are looking to download free movies, keep in mind that you should stay on the legal side and check the list above if you don’t have the time to do the research yourself. 

Get YTD Downloader today and start your journey to creating a list of movies that are there to stay – our video downloader is free, trusted by over 10 mil users all over the world, and it will help be a reliable partner to help you download your favorite content!