20+ Best YouTube Cooking Channels

Are you an avid food or cooking enthusiast seeking culinary inspiration from the best YouTube cooking channels? Look no further! In this digital age, the world of cooking has found a new home on the internet, where talented chefs and passionate cooks showcase their gastronomic expertise and share delectable recipes with audiences worldwide. Whether you’re a novice in the kitchen or a seasoned pro, these culinary channels offer a delightful mix of flavors, techniques, and creativity that will leave you craving more.

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Best YouTube Cooking Channels To Make The Perfect Meal At Home

1. Tasty – 21M subscribers

Tasty is undeniably one of the best YouTube cooking channels.

At the heart of Tasty’s success lies its innovative approach to cooking videos. Each recipe is showcased in a short, engaging format, making it easily digestible for viewers with busy schedules. From quick and easy weeknight meals to decadent desserts and show-stopping party treats, Tasty covers it all. 

In addition to its regular recipe videos, Tasty often collaborates with celebrity chefs and influencers, further enhancing the channel’s appeal. With its seamless blend of creativity, accessibility, and delectable recipes, Tasty has firmly secured its spot as one of the best YouTube cooking channels, inspiring millions of food enthusiasts to don their aprons and embark on their culinary adventures.

Our Recommendation: 4 Meals Anyone Can Make

In this video, the host presents four delicious and easy-to-make meals that are suitable for anyone, regardless of their cooking experience. The dishes are diverse, ranging from a flavorful vegetable stir-fry to a comforting one-pot creamy garlic chicken pasta. This variety ensures that viewers with different tastes and preferences will find something to enjoy and cook at home.

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2. Babish Culinary Universe – 10M subscribers

Anybody will tell you that Babish Culinary Universe is undoubtedly one of the best YouTube cooking channels, celebrated for its unique concept and charismatic host, Andrew Rea. The channel gained widespread popularity for its focus on recreating iconic dishes from movies, TV shows, and popular culture. Andrew’s engaging and relatable personality, combined with his culinary expertise, has won the hearts of millions of food enthusiasts and pop culture fans worldwide.

Each video begins with Andrew introducing a dish featured in a movie or TV show, and he then proceeds to prepare it step-by-step. What sets this channel apart is Andrew’s attention to detail in replicating the dishes with accuracy and creativity. He often goes the extra mile to explore different variations and historical contexts of the recipes, making it an informative and entertaining culinary journey.

Our Recommendation : Pasta Aglio e Olio from ‘Chef’

In this episode, Andrew recreates the iconic spaghetti dish featured in the movie “Chef.” What makes this video stand out is Andrew’s genuine passion for the dish and his dedication to getting it just right, much like the character in the movie. He breaks down the recipe in a straightforward manner, making it accessible to viewers of all skill levels. 

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3. Food Wishes – 4.4M subscribers

The channel is known for its extensive library of recipes that cover a wide range of cuisines, techniques, and skill levels. Chef John’s warm and engaging narration, combined with his culinary expertise, makes each video a delightful learning experience for viewers of all cooking backgrounds.

One of the highlights of Food Wishes is its emphasis on clear and detailed instructions. Chef John’s step-by-step guidance ensures that even novice cooks can confidently recreate his recipes with success. From classic comfort foods to international delights, the channel caters to diverse tastes, offering something new and exciting for everyone. This is why Food Wishes is one of the best YouTube cooking channels.

Our Recommendation: Honey Mustard Roast Chicken

Chef John shares his foolproof recipe for making tender and flavorful honey mustard chicken with a delectably crispy coating. The video not only showcases Chef John’s exceptional cooking skills but also highlights his humor and charm, which makes it a joy to watch. The recipe itself is straightforward, allowing viewers to whip up a restaurant-quality dish at home with ease.

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4. Maangchi – 6.29M subscribers

With her warm and motherly persona, Maangchi has won the hearts of millions of viewers around the world. The channel’s popularity stems from Maangchi’s genuine passion for Korean food and her dedication to preserving and sharing traditional family recipes, passed down through generations.

One of the defining features of Maangch is its focus on making Korean cooking accessible to a global audience. Maangchi’s recipes are presented in a user-friendly manner, complete with easy-to-follow instructions and ingredients that can be sourced internationally. Whether it’s the iconic kimchi, delicious bulgogi, or comforting bibimbap, Maangchi’s repertoire covers a lot of dishes that offer a glimpse into the rich and diverse Korean culinary tradition. You do not have to be passionate about korean cooking to realise that this is one of the best YouTube cooking channels you could find.

Our Recommendation: Traditional Kimchi

Maangchi guides viewers through the process of making the quintessential Korean dish, kimchi, from scratch. She shares not only the recipe but also the cultural significance of kimchi in Korean cuisine and its role as a staple side dish in Korean households. Maangchi’s warm and engaging presence, combined with the step-by-step instructions, makes this video a delightful and informative cooking experience.

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5. Bon Appetit – 6.31M subscribers

What sets Bon Appétit apart is its entertaining and approachable approach to cooking, making it a favorite among viewers looking to expand their culinary skills.

The channel boasts a variety of series, each showcasing different aspects of cooking and food culture. 

From “Gourmet Makes,” where a pastry chef recreates popular snacks from scratch, to “It’s Alive with Brad,” featuring entertaining food experiments with a comedic twist, Bon Appétit caters to a broad audience with diverse tastes and interests, thus being clearly one of the best YouTube cooking channels out there.

Our Recommendation: Claire Makes Best-Ever Fried Chicken Sandwich

In this episode of “Gourmet Makes,” pastry chef Claire Saffitz takes on the challenge of replicating the famous Popeyes fried chicken sandwich. What makes this video stand out is Claire’s meticulous approach to the recipe, as she goes through multiple iterations to achieve the perfect balance of flavors and textures. 

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6. Laura in the Kitchen – 6.88M subscribers

The channel has garnered a massive following due to Laura’s warm and inviting personality, along with her passion for cooking and sharing delicious recipes. With a wide range of dishes, from classic Italian favorites to international cuisines and baking delights, Laura in the Kitchen caters to a diverse audience of food enthusiasts and home cooks.

If what you are looking for are the best YouTube cooking channels, then Laura in the Kitchen should make your list. What sets the channel apart is its focus on providing approachable and accessible recipes. Clearly, this is one of the best YouTube cooking channels that you will find. Each video is presented in a friendly and straightforward manner, making it easy for viewers to follow along and recreate the dishes in their own kitchens. Laura’s love for cooking shines through in each episode, as she not only shares her culinary expertise but also provides helpful tips and tricks to ensure cooking success.

Our Recommendation: Pepperoni Pizza Bites

You may think this is basic stuff, but think again. Laura guides viewers through the process of making a lovely pepperoni pizza from scratch, including the pizza dough and sauce. The video showcases Laura’s expertise in Italian cuisine and her ability to make the cooking process enjoyable and engaging. 

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7. Sorted Food – 2.7M subscribers

SortedFood is one of the best cooking channels on YouTube, known for its fun and innovative approach to cooking. SortedFooda group of friends with different culinary backgrounds and experiences. The channel’s concept revolves around cooking challenges, recipe battles, and food-themed adventures, making it highly entertaining and engaging for viewers of all ages.

SortedFood offers a a great number of recipes and cooking content, from simple everyday meals to complex and unique dishes. The group’s camaraderie and lighthearted banter create a welcoming atmosphere that makes cooking feel enjoyable and approachable.

Our Recommendation: How to make the best Dauphinoise Potatoes

The reason this video stands out is the entertaining dynamic between the friends as they experiment with different techniques and flavors to perfect the recipe. It not only showcases the team’s culinary skills but also highlights their passion for food and creativity. 

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8. You Suck at Cooking – 3.17M subscribers

The channel is hosted by an unnamed chef with a deadpan comedic style, and it stands out from traditional cooking channels due to its entertaining and quirky approach to recipes. The videos often include witty commentary, humorous animations, and unexpected twists, making them enjoyable for both cooking enthusiasts and casual viewers.

On The You Suck at Cooking channel you will find a vast array of recipes, from simple everyday meals to more elaborate dishes. The host’s self-deprecating humor and laid-back attitude create a relaxed and approachable atmosphere, encouraging viewers to experiment in the kitchen without fear of making mistakes. Without a doubt, this is one of the best cooking channels on YouTube.

Our Recommendation: Fettuccine Alfredo

In this episode, the host presents a unique take on the fettuccine Alfredo pasta, complete with tongue-in-cheek humor and entertaining visual effects. The video not only provides a delicious recipe but also infuses the cooking process with a delightful dose of comedy. With its witty narrative and unconventional presentation, this is a must-watch video that perfectly encapsulates the You Suck at Cooking channel’s charm and ingenuity. 

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9. Gordon Ramsay – 20.1M subscribers

The Gordon Ramsay YouTube channel is undoubtedly one of the best cooking YouTube channels, led by the renowned celebrity chef himself, Gordon Ramsay. 

Known for his no-nonsense and straightforward approach to cooking, Gordon Ramsay’s channel offers wonderful culinary content that appeals to viewers of all skill levels. From classic recipes to innovative dishes and cooking tips, the channel showcases Gordon Ramsay’s exceptional culinary expertise and his passion for the art of cooking.

One of the highlights of the Gordon Ramsay YouTube channel is its wide variety of content. Viewers can find everything from step-by-step recipes to behind-the-scenes glimpses of Gordon Ramsay’s kitchen and restaurant experiences. The channel’s engaging and informative videos make cooking accessible and enjoyable for aspiring home cooks, while also providing valuable insights for seasoned chefs looking to refine their skills.

Our Recommendation: 5 Delicious fish recipes

Gordon Ramsay shares five fantastic fish recipes that highlight his culinary prowess and creativity. The reason this video stands out is Gordon Ramsay’s ability to make seemingly complicated dishes approachable for viewers, all while emphasizing the importance of using fresh ingredients and simple techniques. 

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10. Jamie Oliver – 5.83M subscribers

With a passion for fresh, flavorful ingredients and a mission to inspire people to cook delicious meals at home, Jamie Oliver’s channel offers a great deal of recipes and cooking tips that cater to diverse tastes and skill levels. Jamie’s warm and charismatic personality shines through in each video, creating an engaging and enjoyable cooking experience for viewers.

Jamie’s recipes often focus on using seasonal produce and promoting a balanced approach to food. From quick and easy family meals to more elaborate dishes for special occasions, the channel covers a spectrum of culinary delights that empower viewers to expand their cooking repertoire. This is, for sure, one of the best cooking YouTube channels that you will find.

Our Recommendation: 5 Things to Do With… Beef

The reason this video stands out is Jamie’s ability to transform a simple ingredient into multiple spectacular dishes, all while providing useful cooking tips and techniques.

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11. Tasty Japan – 603K subscribers

As an extension of the popular Tasty brand, Tasty Japan caters specifically to Japanese cuisine lovers around the world. The channel features a wide variety of mouthwatering dishes, from classic favorites like sushi and ramen to lesser-known regional specialties. Each video is beautifully presented with clear, step-by-step instructions, making Japanese cooking accessible and enjoyable for viewers of all backgrounds.

One of the highlights of the Tasty Japan YouTube channel is its celebration of the rich and diverse culinary culture of Japan. Viewers get a glimpse into the art of Japanese cooking, with its meticulous attention to detail and emphasis on fresh, seasonal ingredients. If you are really passionate about japanese cuisine, this is one of the best YouTube cooking channels for you.

Our Recommendation: I went to Japan to make the most difficult omelet

In this episode, the host demonstrates the art of making omurice, a popular Japanese comfort food. Omurice is a dish loved by people of all ages, and Tasty Japan’s version showcases the perfect balance of sweet and savory flavors, all wrapped up in a delightful omelette.

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12. Pailin’s Kitchen – 1.8M subscribers

Pailin’s Kitchen is a delightful YouTube cooking channel hosted by Pailin Chongchitnant, a talented chef with a passion for sharing authentic Thai recipes and cooking techniques. The channel is a treasure trove of Thai culinary delights, offering viewers an immersive experience into the world of Thai cuisine. Pailin’s warm and approachable demeanor, along with her in-depth knowledge of Thai cooking, creates an engaging and informative atmosphere that makes her recipes accessible to cooks of all levels.

The best part about Pailin’s Kitchen is its focus on traditional Thai flavors and ingredients. Pailin takes viewers on a culinary journey, introducing them to the richness of Thai herbs, spices, and techniques used in her dishes.

Our Recommendation: How to make authentic pad thai in 5 mins

Gordon Ramsay, look away now! This is how it is done. In this episode, Pailin guides viewers through the process of making the iconic Pad Thai, a popular Thai noodle dish enjoyed around the world. The video is a comprehensive and easy-to-follow tutorial that demystifies the recipe, allowing viewers to recreate the authentic flavors of Pad Thai in their own kitchens. 

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13. Byron Tallbot – 1.4M subscribers

The channel is known for its visually stunning and meticulously crafted recipe videos. Byron showcases his culinary skills and passion for food through a wide array of recipes that range from classic comfort foods to sophisticated gourmet delights.

Each video is a feast for the eyes, with beautifully filmed shots that capture the essence of the dish being prepared. Byron’s warm and engaging narration adds a personal touch to the cooking process, making viewers feel like they are right there in the kitchen with him.

Our Recommendation: Steak with caramelised Onions & Herb Butter

The video begins with Byron selecting the finest cut of meat, then proceeds to showcase the cooking process in all its sizzling glory. The result is a tantalizing steak topped with luxurious and flavorful caramelised onions that elevates the dish to new heights.

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14. Peaceful Cuisine – 2.45M subscribers

Peaceful Cuisine is a unique and tranquil YouTube cooking channel that offers a soothing and meditative experience for viewers. Hosted by a talented chef, Hiro, the channel specializes in creating vegan recipes with a focus on mindfulness and relaxation. 

The videos are characterized by their serene ambiance, gentle music, and minimalist style, creating a calming atmosphere that sets Peaceful Cuisine apart from traditional cooking channels.

Our Recommendation: Baking with natural yeast

The video beautifully captures the step-by-step process of baking with natural yeast, kneading the dough, and finally baking the loaf to perfection. The soothing music and tranquil visuals make this video an immersive experience that fosters a sense of relaxation and mindfulness. 

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15. Pro Home Cooks – 4M subscribers

Pro Home Cooks is a YouTube channel hosted by Mike Greenfield, a passionate home cook and food enthusiast. The channel is dedicated to sharing practical and achievable cooking techniques and recipes that empower viewers to become confident and skilled home cooks. 

With a friendly and approachable style, Mike takes viewers on a culinary journey, covering all the dishes you can imagine, from comforting classics to creative and innovative creations.

Our Recommendation: This Fried Chicken Recipe Took Over NYC

In this episode, Mike demonstrates a foolproof method to achieve perfectly crispy and tender chicken thighs, a popular and versatile protein option. 

The video showcases a step-by-step guide on seasoning, searing, and oven-roasting the chicken thighs to achieve a crispy skin and succulent meat. 

Mike’s clear and concise instructions, along with his friendly demeanor, make this video a great resource for home cooks looking to master the art of cooking chicken thighs. 

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16. French Cooking Academy – 700K subscribers

Hosted by Stéphane, a passionate home cook and French culinary enthusiast, the channel aims to demystify French cuisine and make it accessible to viewers around the world. Stéphane’s warm and friendly approach, along with his clear and detailed explanations, makes the channel a valuable resource for anyone interested in mastering the art of French cooking.

One of the highlights of The French Cooking Academy channel is its focus on traditional French dishes. Stéphane takes viewers on a culinary journey through France, introducing them to iconic recipes from various regions.

Our Recommendation: The classic French Ratatouille

Stéphane demonstrates how to make a delicious and visually stunning ratatouille, a classic vegetable stew from the Provence region of France. The video starts with a brief introduction to the history of ratatouille and its importance in French cuisine. 

Stéphane then guides viewers through each step of the cooking process, showing how to beautifully layer the sliced vegetables to create an elegant and vibrant presentation.

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17. Giallozafferano – 2.39M subscribers

GialloZafferano is a YouTube channel that offers a treasure trove of traditional and modern Italian recipes. The channel is hosted by a team of expert chefs who are passionate about Italian cuisine and its rich culinary heritage. 

With a vast array of recipes, from classic pasta dishes to delectable desserts and regional specialties, GialloZafferano is a go-to resource for food enthusiasts looking to explore the diverse flavors of Italy.

Our Recommendation: Pesto Alla Genovese

The video starts with an introduction to the main ingredients of pesto, including fresh basil, pine nuts, garlic, and Parmesan cheese. The chef then expertly guides viewers through the blending process, showing how to achieve the perfect texture and flavor. The result is a vibrant and aromatic pesto sauce that can be used to elevate a variety of dishes, from pasta to sandwiches and more. 

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18. Guga Foods – 4.3M subscribers

The channel is dedicated to exploring various cooking techniques, especially focused on grilling, smoking, and experimenting with different cuts of meat. 

With a fun and engaging approach to food, Guga Foods is a go-to destination for meat lovers and cooking enthusiasts who want to learn how to cook meat to perfection.

One of the highlights of Guga Foods is its dedication to quality ingredients and cooking methods that result in delicious dishes. 

Guga often experiments with different cuts of meat, seasoning techniques, and cooking times to achieve the best flavors and textures. His love for the process of cooking and sharing his experiences with the audience make each video enjoyable and educational.

Our Recommendation: How to cook the world’s best beef

In this episode, Guga showcases a luxurious Japanese A5 Wagyu ribeye steak, one of the highest grades of beef in the world. At the beginning of the video, Guga introduces the prized cut of meat and explains its unique characteristics. 

He then proceeds to cook the steak using a traditional Japanese method called the “Hot Stone” technique. The result is an extraordinary and indulgent dining experience, with the ribeye cooked to perfection on a sizzling hot stone.

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19. One Pot Chef Show – 1M subscribers

As the name suggests, the channel is all about cooking meals that can be prepared in just one pot, making it perfect for those seeking convenient and time-saving cooking solutions. With a friendly and approachable style, David’s videos appeal to viewers of all cooking skill levels, from beginners to seasoned cooks.

Our Recommendation: No-BakeChocolate Cheesecake

In this episode, David demonstrates how to make a luscious and creamy white chocolate cheesecake without the need for baking. Whether you’re a fan of desserts or looking to try your hand at making a no-bake cheesecake, this video from The One Pot Chef Show is a must-watch that exemplifies the channel’s dedication to providing easy and delicious recipes for every home cook.

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20. Helen’s Recipes – 621K subscribers

Helen’s Recipes is a popular YouTube channel hosted by Helen Le, a talented Vietnamese chef and food enthusiast. The channel is dedicated to sharing authentic Vietnamese recipes, along with other Asian and international dishes. 

With a warm and friendly demeanor, Helen makes Vietnamese cooking accessible to viewers of all backgrounds, providing clear and easy-to-follow instructions that empower home cooks to recreate delicious and traditional Vietnamese meals.

Our Recommendation: Best-ever pho recipe

In this episode, Helen guides viewers through the process of making the iconic Vietnamese pho, a soul-warming and comforting noodle soup. The video kicks things off with a detailed explanation of the ingredients used in pho and their significance in Vietnamese cooking. After this, Helen expertly demonstrates how to prepare the broth, cook the rice noodles, and assemble the pho with an array of delicious toppings. 

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21. ChefSteps – 1.17M subscribers

ChefSteps is a YouTube channel that showcases the culinary expertise of professional chefs and food enthusiasts. The channel is dedicated to exploring the science of cooking and providing innovative techniques and recipes for viewers to try at home.

Each video delves into the chemistry and physics of various cooking methods, allowing home cooks to understand the reasons behind each step in a recipe. The channel also utilizes advanced cooking equipment and modern kitchen technology to achieve exceptional results, making it a valuable resource for culinary enthusiasts seeking to elevate their cooking skills.

Our Recommendation: Sous Vide Stake

In this episode, the hosts demystify the sous vide cooking technique, providing a comprehensive and easy-to-understand introduction to this precise and consistent cooking method. The video covers the basics of sous vide, from choosing the right equipment to properly sealing and cooking food in a water bath.

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22. Cooking with Dog – 1.61M subscribers

Cooking with Dog is a charming and unique YouTube channel that features a Japanese chef cooking delicious recipes with the help of an adorable toy poodle named Francis. 

The channel’s host, a mysterious Japanese woman, narrates the cooking process while Francis sits patiently by her side, adding a heartwarming and endearing element to each video. The channel specializes in traditional Japanese recipes, showcasing the art of Japanese cuisine with a focus on simplicity, elegance, and authentic flavors.

Our Recommendation: Okonomiyaki Recipe

This episode features the host and Francis preparing a popular Japanese comfort food, Okonomiyaki, a savory pancake filled with various delicious ingredients. The video not only showcases the step-by-step process of making this beloved dish but also captures the heartwarming bond between the host and her furry sous chef, Francis. 

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The Best YouTube Cooking channels Will Help You Become a Master-Chef At Home

From the delectable delicacies of Tasty and the comforting recipes of Laura in the Kitchen to the artistic presentations of ChefSteps, these channels offer a feast for the senses. Learn the art of French cuisine with The French Cooking Academy, explore the rich flavors of Thai food with Hot Thai Kitchen, or indulge in the ultimate barbecue experience with BBQ Pit Boys. Whatever your culinary desires, these channels have got you covered!

To start your culinary journey, simply click on the links provided in our article to access these best YouTube cooking channels. Want to savor the videos offline or rewatch your favorite recipes anytime? Use YTD Downloader to easily download and save these culinary delights for future indulgence.