The 15 best family channels on YouTube Right Now (2024 Edition)

Honestly speaking, finding quality content that caters to every family member can be quite hard. But fear not! We’ve scoured the platform to bring you a handpicked selection of the best family channels that promise laughter, learning, and added joy to your day.

From wholesome adventures and creative DIYs to hilarious challenges and heart-to-heart moments, this list will provide you, without a doubt, with some of the best content out there. YouTube is basically an endless library where you can lose yourself if you are not careful, but this curated list will be your ally.

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But let’s not waste more time and dive into the content you’ve been waiting for. Here are the 15 best family channels on YouTube. Enjoy.

1. The Ohana Adventure – 4.4M subs

The Ohana Adventure is all about living life to the fullest. You can expect thrilling escapades, fun challenges, and incredible family adventures to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Moreover, they’re not just a channel; they’re a real, loving family sharing their genuine moments. Their heartwarming connections, silly antics, and touching family dynamics will make you feel part of the family.

Our recommendation – Spending 24 Hours overnight in a bubble tent

In this video, you’ll see the family’s hilarious and adventurous side as they navigate through the ups and downs of staying outdoors for 24 hours. From setting up the tent to various activities they engage in, the video keeps you hooked for its entirety. 

The family shows their bond, shares funny moments, and makes the entire experience entertaining for viewers of all ages. It’s a delightful watch that captures the essence of The Ohana Adventure – fun, togetherness, and lots of laughter!

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2. The Weiss Life – 1.23M subs

The Weiss family is all about real-life experiences. Join them on their everyday adventures, challenges, and heart-to-heart conversations that make you feel like part of their incredible journey. It is genuinely one of the best family channels on YouTube right now.

Whether you’re a kid, teen, parent, or grandparent, their content caters to every age group. It’s a fantastic opportunity for the whole family to gather around and enjoy quality time together.

Our recommendation – Backyard camping with kids

In this video, the Weiss family takes on the challenge of spending an entire day and night camping out in their own backyard. You’ll witness their excitement as they set up their campsite, engage in entertaining activities, and share funny and heartwarming moments throughout the challenge.

What makes it stand out is the genuine connection between family members and the way they involve everyone in the activities. It’s a perfect representation of The Weiss Life’s content – filled with laughter, creativity, and a genuine family bond.

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3. Family Fizz – 2.73M subs

This channel offers a fantastic mix of content! From exciting challenges and travel vlogs to DIY activities and fun experiments, there’s something for everyone in your family to enjoy.

Get ready to witness the amazing bond between the family members. Their genuine interactions, playful banter, and heartwarming moments make you feel like you’re a part of their close-knit family.

Our recommendation – Huge mansion hide & seek… in the dark

The Hide and Seek game keeps you on the edge of your seat. You’ll be laughing along as the family members stumble upon unexpected hiding spots and try to outwit each other.

Exploring their new home adds an extra layer of excitement and discovery to the game. You’ll get a sneak peek into their new space while enjoying the entertaining gameplay.

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4. Shot of The Yeagers – 6.21M subs

Shot of The Yeagers is all about delivering adrenaline-pumping adventures and exciting challenges that keep you hooked from start to finish. You will find here amazing trips to amusement parks, shocking pranks, and a lot of fun. The family regularly goes on road trips, and the parents surprise the kids with unique experiences.

Their energy is truly unmatched, and you will feel it once you start watching their videos.

Our recommendation – Last to leave the ball pit wins

Here, you’ll see the family members competing against each other to be the last one standing in a ball pit.

This video is full of laughter, friendly competition, and unexpected twists as the family members strategize and engage in various activities to outlast each other in the ball pit.

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5. The Bee Family – 10.4M subs

If you’re on the lookout in the world of YouTube family channels packed with laughter, joy, and endless entertainment, you need to get introduced ASAP to The Bee family, trust us.

Their hilarious sketches, relatable comedy, and amusing family antics will have you in stitches in no time. You will find everything you want and then some: funny challenges, parodies, heartwarming vlogs and engaging storytelling.

Our recommendation – The floor is lava challenge (in public)

This is a true classic and surely you will remember this epic game from your childhood. However, the family here gives it an even more interesting twist by going public with and you can imagine what comes next. Public spaces become an exciting playground in this challenge and you can see that everyone is truly having the time of their lives. Maybe it will inspire you to do the same with your family.

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6. The Ingham Family – 1.35M subs

The Ingham Family is a master at sharing their family’s journey through captivating storytelling. This is, for sure, one of the family YouTube channels worth following to see them on their adventures, experiences, and heart-to-heart moments that make you feel like part of their wonderful family.

There is something for everyone on this lovely channel: from exciting travel vlogs and challenges to heartwarming family vlogs and creative DIYs.

Our recommendation – Terrifying moment at the water park! Europe Road Trip Day 28

Travelling with your family can be one of the most fun and fulfilling things you can do, but at the same time, it can bring a lot of difficulties that you may not have expected when leaving home.

So when the big family decided to go „on tour” in Europe, they knew they had to film it all in order to document all of their great and not-so-great times. In this video, you’ll see them at a wonderful water park where they encounter an unexpected situation. Watch the video and find out for yourself.

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7. The LaBrant Fam  13M subs

The real attraction here, besides the action, is the genuine love and strong bond shared among the LaBrant family members. Their authentic interactions and fun-loving nature create a welcoming and positive atmosphere that’ll make you understand what family is truly about. Without a doubt, this is one of the best family Youtube channels that you will find.

The LaBrant Fam spreads positivity and joy through their videos and you will leave them in a better mood than the one you went in with. They inspire viewers to cherish family moments, as it is one of the most important things in life. Sometimes, the best things are free.

Our recommendation – Everleigh’s first school dance

Be prepared with a pack of hand towels because it will get emotional in this one. Your child’s first dance is a very important moment in any family’s life and it is not any different here. The family celebrates this crucial moment and you can see how sincere and genuine they all are as they show their excitement for Everleigh. She is a bit nervous too, but also excited, and you can clearly see that the family support means a lot.

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8. Family Fun Pack – 10.2 M subs

Prepare for some incredible family adventures! Join the family on thrilling escapades, exciting challenges, and heartwarming family moments that’ll keep you entertained and smiling from ear to ear.

Here, you will find epic travel vlogs and creative DIY projects to entertaining challenges and educational content. Also, Family Fun Pack spreads positivity and inspiration! They encourage viewers to cherish family time, embrace adventures, and make the most out of life’s wonderful moments. They are definitely one of the family channels on YouTube to watch.

Our recommendation – Pump it up playtime! Super fun indoor bounce house

This is an exhilarating and fun-filled adventure. Join the family as they spend all day and night inside a bounce house, facing various challenges and activities.

The video showcases the strong bond and interactions among family members. Their teamwork, support for each other, and playful moments create a heartwarming atmosphere, leaving you feeling good.

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9. The Norris Nuts – 6.94M subs

The Norris Nuts spread positivity and inspires viewers to embrace adventures, teamwork, and the joy of spending quality time with family.

Their content is engaging for viewers of all ages. Kids, teens, parents, and even grandparents will find themselves captivated by their fun-filled and family-friendly videos.

Our recommendation – last to leave the bed wins 1000$

It is one of the most entertaining videos you will find on all of YouTube. This challenge wil make you laugh, it will make you uncomfortable and it will make you glue your eyes to the screen. Most of all, you will not even notice when the time has flown as each family member tries to outlast the others in a unique setting.

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10. The Tube Family – 3.83M subs

This is one of the most fun and easy-to-watch family channels on YouTube. The Tube Family takes you on thrilling adventures! Join them on exciting explorations, travel vlogs, and creative challenges that promise to keep you entertained and thrilled.

But it is not all fun, it is also learning and bonding. Many of their videos involve challenges and activities that require teamwork among family members. Watching how they collaborate, communicate, and work together might inspire families to engage in similar activities, fostering teamwork and bonding within their own families.

Our recommendation – Jillian’s 7th birthday battle! Karate kicks, punches & nerf war!

You’ll get a glimpse of the Tube Family’s interactions, team spirit, and competitive yet playful nature during this nerf battle. It showcases their unity and bonding through a fun activity.

Get ready for exciting scenarios, strategies, and fun moments as the family engages in a playful battle.

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11. J House Vlogs – 2.87M subs

J House Vlogs often emphasize the importance of family bonding, love, and togetherness. Families can learn the significance of spending quality time together and nurturing strong family relationships.

The channel promotes inclusivity and embraces diversity. Your family might learn about respecting differences, embracing various cultures, and celebrating diversity within your family and community. It is one of the best Youtube channels out there.

Our recommendation – Eat what?! PARIS

We could have picked any video from their recent travels really as all of them are very useful if you plan to travel with your family in the future, but this one is one of the funniest as the children and parents try some … let’s say interesting foods in Paris. Yes, you guessed it, they will (try at least) some snails.

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12. Daily Bumps – 5.12M subs

Daily Bumps captures heartwarming and genuine family moments. Also, the channel often showcases parenting experiences and challenges. You might gain insights into positive parenting techniques or find relatable scenarios that resonate with your own family life.

Daily Bumps promotes positivity, often sharing uplifting stories and spreading joy so it will leave you in a good mood.

Our recommendation – First gymnastics class

The whole family is excited for Alex’s first gymnastics class and nobody more than him! This is great value because it teaches parents about the importance of implementing an exercise routine with their child. And it is not only healthy, but also a lot of fun for the child.

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13. The Bramfam – 2.7M subs

The Bramfam often showcases positive behaviors and interactions among family members. Kids might observe positive communication, teamwork, and respectful relationships, providing valuable social cues and role models.

Some videos might feature real-life situations, challenges, or experiences that can offer indirect life lessons for kids. They might learn problem-solving, empathy, and other valuable skills by observing how the family navigates through different scenarios. One of the best family YouTube channels if you want to learn about parenting.

Our recommendation – Bramtys surgery didn’t go so well…

While this is not the most uplifting video on the channel, it is one of the most important ones, for sure. Here you can see how the husband is giving all the support she needs to his wife, who is having a really difficult time and has to be checked in to the local hospital. These are stressful situations in every family, but watching this you can get inspiration on how you can handle these things and be a better family member during hard times.

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14. SmellyBellyTV – 3.49M subs

Smelly Belly is one of the most fun, entertaining and funny channels out there and you really shouldn’t miss it for anything in the world. Their high energy will get you out of your bed and inspire you to take action. Their silly jokes will make you laugh and lift up your mood. And their special bond will make you appreciate your family even more. Get ready for an amazing journey.

Our recommendation – We turned our minivan into a ball pit!

It is recommended that parents try and keep in check their children and explain to them that sometimes the fun thing to do is not the right thing to do. But now is not that time! In this video, the parents transform into children and turn their own minivan into a unique ball pit. 

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15. The LeRoys – 1.57M subs

This is one of the oldest family channels on YouTube. The LeRoys have been around for around 13 years and in this period you could easily see how the family has changed over time. If you followed them during this time, you could feel as if you have grown up with them.

If you are just catching up, expect to find some loving moments, tense, difficult but necessary conversations about how to raise a child and also some really fun pranks.

Our recommendation – haircuts and color makeover

Here, the whole family goes to get new haircuts before the new school starts. By the whole family, we mean the four kids as they are really the stars of the show. It is a fun, entertaining video, but which features some lovely bonding time between mum and her children.

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The family channels on YouTube that will make you smile

Whether you’re seeking laughter, educational content, or just some quality family time, these channels have it all.

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