8 Best Inspirational Movies For A Nice Encouragement Boost

These upbeat and inspirational movies will encourage you to reflect on your life or business and take steps to become your best self. Below are some of the best inspirational movies of all time that will change your life.

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8 Inspirational Movies To Enjoy Right Now

1. A Flash of Genius

In the true-life drama Flash of Genius, Greg Kinnear’s character, engineering professor Robert Kearns, struggles for acknowledgment for his innovation despite all the difficulties it would cause. In this movie, a married guy with six children invents a window draper for his car and attempts to sell it to a major automaker. However, when the latter doesn’t respond, he discovers that his invention was actually stolen.

This movie is motivational and something every entrepreneur should watch. It teaches you how to stand up for yourself and demand the respect and recognition you deserve, how you can’t let other people sabotage you, how you can’t give up on yourself or your idea, and that you have to roll the dice.

2. Enron: The Smartest Guys In The Room

The energy corporation Enron’s history is told in this documentary, from its inception through its dishonest and unethical business methods, and how all of this contributed to the company’s demise. The focus of the movie is on Kenneth Lay, the creator of Enron, and how, two years after it was established, it became involved in scandal after two traders started making bets on the oil markets.

This film illustrates what it needed to succeed in high-pressure sales, along with the false promises of wealth and deliveries. Although the corporation was responsible for a disastrous accounting scandal, it offers management and leadership lessons that are worth paying attention to, including charismatic leadership, organizational culture, and how your leadership style may propel you to the top but also be the cause of your collapse.

3. How We Made Our Millions

In the documentary How We Made Our Millions, Richard Reed, the creator of Innocent Juice, and Michelle Mone, the owner of Ultimo, share their stories of business success. You will observe throughout the movie how two businesspeople overcame adversity to become prosperous. You will see in this video that while it does require time and money, success also requires confidence, tenacity, and the ability to win over your audience.

4. How The Economic Machine Works

In his short documentary How The Economic Machine Works, Ray Dalio outlines the functioning of the global economy and the economic model he uses. This movie will teach you three key lessons that everyone should remember: first, make sure your income increases faster than your debt because if it doesn’t, you’ll drown in debt; second, make sure your income doesn’t increase faster than your productivity because then you won’t be able to compete; and third, do everything you can to increase your productivity.

5. Joy

Joy, starring Jennifer Lawrence, is about an overworked and underprivileged mother who attempts to enter the exciting world of entrepreneurship when she creates a plastic mop and tries to sell it. It is based on the life of Joy Mangano, a successful businesswoman and home product developer.

You will see a lady overcome many challenges in the film, as well as how she fights failure and bankruptcy and learns the value of grit. She manages to continue despite the challenges and the fact that everyone is against her to become a prosperous businesswoman.

6. Not Business as Usual

We learn about a different side of capitalism in Not Business as Usual. The modern version of capitalism, as you can see in this movie, looks at using capitalism with conscience to create a purposeful result, an adjustable and equal society, as opposed to the conventional form of capitalism, which places a product or service on the market only to make money.

Inspiring and upbeat, this movie offers wonderful illustrations of prosperous entrepreneurs that show that change is possible. It also looks at other characteristics including social entrepreneurship, morality, ethical consumerism, and the ability to change systems.

7. Office Space

Office Space is a cult classic American comedy that has become synonymous with the phrase “worst job” in bar conversations all around the world. In this movie, Ron Livingston plays Peter Gibbons, who finds himself stuck in a useless job in the software industry, working for a boss he clearly hates.

His personal journey of finding what is significant to him and what he values most in life is depicted in the film. You absolutely must watch this movie if you’re having trouble identifying your calling or passion.

8. Pirates Of Silicon Valley

In the movie Pirates of Silicon Valley, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates’ competition to control a rapidly expanding industry and create the personal computer is explored. The lives of two entrepreneurs who changed the globe are the subject of the film. You’ll see how these two businesspeople aimed to alter both the world and how we think.

Any entrepreneur learning how to navigate the business world must watch this movie.

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