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YouTube is the clear leader in video portals and, even more so, we could easily call it the clear leader in the industry. According to figures coming from the video platform usage, almost a third of web users go watch youtube videos, live streams, tv shows and many more. It’s no wonder that the platform has long been recognized as an effective marketing tool. Free YouTube downloaders also exist on the market, allowing users to download a lot of video categories, like short videos, music videos, video games and many more.

However, there are some YouTube disadvantages too. The site appears to reflect the guidelines as well as the conditions for creating and consuming content without notice. In addition, there are other complaints related to the platform as well. As a result, users are now looking for several different platforms to use. Luckily, there is already a large number of them on the Internet.

Among this large number, which one to choose? Which is the best option according to your needs? If you are also trying to find answers to these questions, do not be afraid, my friend. You have come to the right place. We are here to help you.

Why should you look for alternatives to YouTube?

Now, before I get into the details of these alternatives, first let me understand why you are considering researching alternatives in the field in the first place. Surely YouTube is a great place to create and consume content on its own? Of course it is, but I ask you to put up with me. In recent years, YouTube has created a huge market monopoly. However, now they are coming out with their own problems. Many creators have found that their accounts are restricted or even deleted because they violate YouTube’s terms of service in one way or another. Among these creators, many complained about the real lack of violation of the terms of service and had their videos, as well as channels, blocked by YouTube. With that in mind, making your videos available on other platforms as well is a good idea. Since relying solely on YouTube can be risky and leave you completely disappointed in the end.

YouTube and Copyright

Another serious issue with YouTube is copyright. Even for a user, it can be annoying when a really interesting video gets blocked due to a copyright issue. But the video itself can be made available on other platforms without any problem. Hence, users can also search for videos on many other platforms, which do a great job. Moreover, one of the most important factors is that there are numerous reports confirming that Google collects user data and usage from every YouTube user. This is a serious violation of anyone’s privacy and should not be tolerated at all.

Another aspect that you should consider is the fact that many of these platforms serve a specific type of person looking for a specific location. You can make good use of these platforms as a creator, as well as a user, if you like a certain set of content.

Dailymotion, one of the best YouTube alternatives 

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Dailymotion is a French video portal representing one of the best alternatives to YouTube, with an active reach of 23% of the market in France. Internationally, no other portal has been able to match this performance. Thus, Dailymotion obtains a fine second place in France in this market, behind YouTube and its 57% market share. 

This portal is also second in many other countries. The company claims 300 million users worldwide. 3.5 billion videos have been viewed each month on Dailymotion.

Since we are talking about France, Dailymotion was for a long time the biggest competitor of YouTube there. However, new sites like youtube have since developed, such as Vimeo, offering private and professional users different possibilities for uploading and viewing great content.

How does Dailymotion work?

Using Flash technology like YouTube, Dailymotion is distinguished by the use of an encoding engine developed by itself. Also, Dailymotion internally hosts the videos offered there. Internet users can leave comments under the videos and assign a rating to each video.

Also, Dailymotion, unlike YouTube, allows you to keep the stereo aspect of the soundtrack of videos.

All videos are classified within categories also called channels, but also by keywords or groups.

The home page features star videos that are featured, decided by the website’s editorial team. Being on this page allows content creators to be visible and can bring them great notoriety.

Dailymotion Features

Above all, Dailymotion scores points thanks to the specific features of uploading videos: they are limited to 2 GB and a duration of 60 minutes. Many audio and video formats are compatible, so the user who wants to upload video can choose between .mov, .mpeg4, .mp4, .avi and .wmv formats. H.264 Video Codec, AAC Audio Codec, and a Frame-Rate of 25 FPS (frames per second) are recommended. A resolution of up to 1080p (Full HD) is possible. This portal is therefore very suitable for users who want to upload large video files or high-quality images.

The layout is clear with blue and white navigation. The order of the items is similar to that of YouTube in that it has the advantage of being able to easily find the content you are looking for, even for a beginner. The integration of videos on external platforms is also possible: the necessary HTML code is generated in one click.

Faced with his success and the wide range of content available, the French sharing platform has opened new offices in the USA and has an application for mobile devices.

Dailymotion Cloud

Dailymotion has developed a service: Dailymotion Cloud specialized for businesses.

It is a B2B solution that allows videos to be offered to professionals for direct distribution. This solution allows professionals to customize the colors, logo, player control buttons, and share buttons.

Tips for using Dailymotion

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As with YouTube, there are some tips to optimize the use of this sharing platform.

  • use keywords to be well referenced
  • use a catchy title that will make people want to click on your video
  • use an eye-catching image as a presentation thumbnail
  • optimize the description of your video with your keywords
  • add a link to your website or other videos in the description
  • you can add subtitles to optimize your SEO
  • personalize your profile

Making money on Dailymotion

Even more features await “partners”: after all, it’s not just Youtube that you can make money by posting videos. Making money from video streaming is also possible, Dailymotion is proving to be one of the best alternatives to YouTube, especially for bloggers who want to offer paid or premium content.

To be able to use monetization on YouTube, you must activate the corresponding setting on your page or use a special provider widget. Some internationally renowned partners already participate in this partner program according to CNN, such as Deutsche Welle for example.

The huge choice of Dailymotion apps is a source of celebration: the alternative to YouTube is available as apps for Smart-TV, PlayStation, and many more. So you can watch content directly from your sofa. This service is also available on mobile via applications dedicated to iOS, Windows, or Android systems.

How to optimize the use of Dailymotion

As previously said, Dailymotion is a YouTube-like open source video streaming, video hosting and sharing platform.

Although it does not reach the traffic of its American counterpart, the website is on the way to becoming a real competitor.

It is therefore as important to use both YouTube and Dailymotion to promote your videos and improve your visibility.

Dailymotion conveys a real community around the videos because of the possibility of leaving comments (in the form of videos or not) and assigning ratings to the videos.

How to optimize the distribution of your videos?

  • publish it on your blog
  • integrate it into your RSS feed
  • suggest to specialized sites to publish your video
  • use your contacts to broadcast your video content
  • contact relevant influencers in social media to publish your video
  • use your accounts on social networks to relay your video
  • publish an article on the subject of your video by including it in the article, improving internet archive

Best free video downloader for Dailymotion

Are you a community manager and want to download a royalty-free Dailymotion video to repost on your Facebook page, to get better reach? Maybe you just want to record a video for personal use? Here is a simple procedure that will allow you to download any video shared on Dailymotion with just a few clicks in 2021 with the best video downloader.

If to download a Facebook video, different means are available to Internet users, to watch videos and download a Dailymotion video, the number of possibilities available is much more limited. Happily, YTD includes Dailymotion videos downloads and offers a user friendly free version.

Please note that copyrights also apply to videos posted on Dailymotion, so you need to make sure you have the owner’s consent before downloading and streaming videos from Dailymotion and check first your downloaded files so you will not have a compliance issue.

To conclude, I hope I made your decision a lot easier and that downloading videos from multiple streaming sites will be fun and easy (even batch downloads of your favorite videos).

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